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Thanks for the Spamories #1

Posted by RC Kohler on November 14, 2012 with Comments Closed
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RCK doing some “Wet Work”

I’m not going to tell why I ended up with this crap job, I’ll just say that it wasn’t my effing idea.

So, here we go…  [ed: the content of all of these items is also in the random queue for the TABTFCIYD box on the right] but the boss knows that some people are too lazy to click through a bunch of random stuff…

So every time we add to that random queue I have to add all the new once to a post here.

I wonder if he would know if I just make stuff up. That’s what he actually hired me for a couple of years back. Oh, well… as they say. November 14, 2012:

  1. “This is really beneficial to me. The crucial element we look for would be that a lot of us do not understand strategies for things and this will definitely help!” – from a seemingly nice model train salesperson
  2. “I thought I knew a lot there is to know about this subject, but seems we are never to old to learn..;)” – from a Viagra spammer
  3. “This genuinely answered my dilemma, thank you!” – ha! this one is from a Cheap Name Brand….ad nauseum person with a 186-character 21-word “name”
  4. [ed: This lazy bastard just copied the entire original post and included it as a comment]  – from an off-shore banker in Panama  who must still be trying to recover the drug money Noriega left behind
  5. All the other SEO and Viagra comments were just deleted.

Hasta someothertime


Ya Gotta Trust at Least ONE!

Posted by RC Kohler on November 9, 2012 with Comments Closed
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At best I’m usually a bad tempered SOB, then at times I can be really nasty.

Usually it has something to do with ESS PEE AY EMM.

So, not to waste any more effin’ time, I’ll get started with the first batch.

  • Dear Chris (from m-fb-t.c–) I can’t think of a single, legal, ethical way to bring in as much as $144,000 per year here, let alone that much in a month
  • Dear Bridal (that’s no effin’ name – from some crummy you tube link) – Glad you “Love to Read” all of the maybe 600-700 words you found here – especially the DISCLAIMER I’m sure. I don’t want to get better at makeup and I like the phone I already have.
  • Dear High PR Backlinks – (another subtle link in this one) Now, I know damned well your mother is NOT Ms. Backlinks, and even she had been High when you were conceived by Mr. Portly Richguy I don’t think she would have named you after him.
  • Dear Odchudzanie (that’s an effin’ mouthful) – Glad you think “ is Super.” That makes seven or eight now. Sorry I don’t by ANY kind of tablets from Poland.
  • Dear Astigmatism (can’t tell if you’re trying to be a vision defect or a new political philosophy) When you say “Amazing site, I love” you MUST be telling the truth, cause you’ve been at least a coupla times. Each time hawking some different stuff. What’d ya get, 30 or 40 cents an hour for all of that cut an pasting?

Hey you guys I just mentioned – yeah, you may be honest and trustworthy, but I’m not gonna risk catching data syphilis from your links.

On the other hand…

Dear Bipolar Disorder – BPD is tough, I’m sorry. Glad you “came across my site and loved it.” I still can’t be sure about your links, but I’m gonna encourage people to learn more about this crippling disorder.



The Guy in the Next Cubicle

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That the guy in the next cubicle is the little weasel that writes all the fine print.

The fine print… in your bank’s terms of service that say if you don’t call an 800 number before midnight tonight, they can charge you $16.95 a month for nothing — forEVER. (Until next month anyway when they decide to make it $17.95.)

The fine print…   hidden at the bottom of the document that looks exactly like it came from some polyp in the bowels of the federal bureaucracy that is designed to scare the ever lovin’ shit out of you so you’ll shoot them back your credit card number. You know the ones I mean.

The fine print… on the back of the $3.00 check you got in the mail that says “Go ahead and cash this mother. When you do you’re allowing us to bill you whatever the hell we want every month for nothing!”

Oh… THAT fine print.



that this little weasel is a hero.

It could happen.